iPad Art Course: Environment Perspective with Nikolai Lockertsen

Nikolai Lockertsen, Lead Art Director, shows how to use the incredible power of perspective to create awesome environments. This key skill is often overlooked, but is the secret to successful and believable depth in your art. Unlock the knowledge today!

Level: Length: Language:
Intermediate 01:24:57 English

Nikko takes you on an amazing, creative journey with your iPad as your new sketchbook. He guides you step-by-step, revealing how to get the most out of this inspiring new method of creating art.

Note: This course is structured for students with an intermediate knowledge of Procreate. A basic understanding of the interface and tools is recommended.

Understanding and using perspective is the key to giving your artwork believable depth and scale. It can also dramatically change the feeling of an image and take it to a new level. Nikko teaches you how to use perspective using environment sketches to demonstrate. Using simple drawn lines as starting guides he shows you how to add increasing levels of detail and build up a fantastic environment.

Highlights from the course include:

  • Making your own reusable perspective helpers
  • Setting up different perspectives to create environments with believable depth
  • Practical demonstrations creating several environments using a variety of approaches
  • Perspective techniques for patterns, colour, contrast, mood and more!

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01. Introduction 01:07
02. Creating reusable Perspective Guideline Grids. 04:09 (Log in to watch this chapter for free.)
03. Setting up the base canvas and positioning the Perspective Grid. 07:20
04. Rough sketch of the 1st environment. 03:34
05. Using the same Perspective Grid to set up a different environment. 02:43
06. Sketching the 2nd environment. 04:10
07. Setting up the perspective guidelines for the 3rd and 4th environment sketches. 03:48
08. Blocking out the 3rd sketch using a different drawing technique. 09:30
09. Using a more painterly approach for sketching the 4th environment. 08:37
10. Adding colour and tone to the 1st sketch and adjusting the mood using Levels. 07:50
11. Adding colour and tone to the 2nd sketch to create a warmer environment. 04:43
12. Giving the 3rd environment colour using Layer overlay techniques. 08:47
13. Selecting one of the thumbnails and developing it further in detail. 10:23
14. Using the Distort tools to accurately position a pattern on the floor. 05:07
15. Adding further details to the artwork and making final lighting adjustments. 03:06

Total course time: 01:24:57 hours

Once the course is purchased, you will be able to download the original, full-size, finished artwork as shown in this course here.

Environment Perspective

This course is held by one of the world’s leading Art Directors – Nikolai Lockertsen.

Nikolai works as an Art director, Concept Artist and Matte Painter in the movie and TV industry. He has an impressive career behind him, having worked on such movies as “Troll Hunter”, Oscar-nominated “Kon Tiki”, “Max Manus” and “The Mortal Instruments”, to name but a few.

He regularly works with Hollywood Director Harald Zwart and continues to develop his art to stunning new levels. He is often travelling between movie locations and international film studios, and his iPad always travels with him.

In this video from Savage Interactive (the makers of Procreate), he talks about why he enjoys using Procreate for iPad so much:

Here is the list of items you will need:

Once the course is purchased, you will be able to download the original, full-size, finished artwork as shown in this course here.

Environment Perspective

Images from the course:

iPad Art Course: Environment Perspective

With Nikolai Lockertsen


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