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Here are some of the questions that we get asked often. (And their answers!)

A: Art Study Online lists our English prices in US Dollars. Should you make a credit purchase, your credit card company will automatically convert the amount based on current exchange rates.

A: Art Study Online will accept unopened or damaged/defective product within 60 days of sale. Please see our “Returns” section for more information.

A: Your information is safe with us. We don’t store any credit card data. Personal data such as name and email is encrypted and stored on our secure server. We don’t share this with anyone. even if they asked really nicely. Seriously.

A: We do not make any collected information available to unrelated third parties whether for sale, rent, or for free, without your consent. Please see our “Privacy” section for more information.

A: We do not offer payments by phone. All transactions must be made ONLINE, via our secure e-commerce shopping cart.