Acrylic Painting Foundation Course with Henriette Sonne

Henriette Sonne, internationally renowned artist, introduces acrylic painting step-by-step. This course is perfect for anyone wishing to get started as an acrylics artist, but also for those who already paint but seek to strengthen their foundation skills.

Level: Length: Language: 02:30:00 English

In this foundation course in acrylic painting, artist Henriette Sonne takes you on a creative journey, revealing techniques and tip-and-tricks, showing you how to successfully create your own artwork.


The course will teach you everything from which brushes and paints you should buy, through to building up your painting using surfaces, colours and tones. You will be shown how to get started and how to mix the the colours you require. Throughout the course Henriette reveals practical tips such as priming techniques, best brush cleaning practise and even the correct way to get the paint out of the tube! This course will provide you with the core skills you need to create your art.


  • Learn about all the materials you need to get started today
  • Discover the step-by-step process for creating artwork you are pleased with
  • Complete your artwork with professional presentation techniques

Anyone can paint successfully, you just need to know how!

Materiale gjennomgang
01. Introduksjon 01:42
02. Hvilken pensel skal du velge? 10:15
03. Hvilken maling skal jeg velge? 03:04
04. Hvordan lager du en fargeprøve? 13:32
05. Grunne ditt lerret 06:45
06. Laster ned bildet ditt / hva du skal se etter i motivet/bildet 03:05
07. Tegn ditt rutesystem 06:13
08. Støttepunkter og måter å sjekke komposisjonen på 00:31
Lær å male med akryl
09. Tegn bilde ditt med maling / blyant 08:00
10. Første lag med maling 25:30
11. Arbeid maleriet frem over andre lag 28:12
12. Tredje og siste lag på bildet 39:53
13. Presentasjon av bildet 02:30

Totale spilletid: 2 timer 29 minutter

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Henriette Sonne er opprinnelig fra København, men har hatt sitt hovedvirke som kunstner i Norge de siste seks årene. Kunsten hennes presenteres nå som norsk i utlandet. Henriette har sin 11. utstilling i USA, en separatutstilling i galleriet New Art Center på Manhattan i New York, mars 2013.
De senere årene har Henriette stilt ut bilder på mange ulike utstillinger for samtidskunst, blant annet SNAB Louvre, på Louvre i Paris, ARTexpo i New York, Florence Biennale for Contemporary art, sammen med blant annet performancekunstner Marina Abramovic. Arbeidet hendes har vært omtalt i en rekke kunstblader i New York de siste årene og har vært på forsiden av New York Art Magazine, VOL 14 Fall 2009.

Here is an overview of materials you will need for this course:



  • Ultramarine
  • Cadmium Yellow
  • Mars Yellow
  • Naphtol Crimson
  • Titanium White
  • Mars Black
  • A tube of Alizarin is also recommended


  • 40 x 50 cm


  • 4 differing acrylic brushes that are not too large. There are variations in sizes depending on brand, but we recommend using numbers 1, 3, 4 and 6 together with a broad brush for priming, (around 4cm wide).


  • HB pencil and pencil sharpener
  • Ruler (preferably 50 cm)
  • Eraser
  • Drying cloth
  • 2 water jars
  • Apron
  • Palette knife

Downloads are available once the course is purchased and you are logged in.

Images from the course:

Acrylic Painting Foundation Course

With Henriette Sonne


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"Henriette not only has an impressive knowledge of art techniques and art history - she also has the rare ability to teach that knowledge in an understandable way"
Stine T. Nygaard